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AIFIRA platform

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AIFIRA stands for «Applications Interdisciplinaires des Faisceaux d’Ions en Région Aquitaine». This recently developed ion beam facility is equipped with a single stage electrostatic accelerator (HVEE 3.5 MV Singletron) delivering bright beams of light ions (1H+, 2D+, 4He+) with currents up to 100 mA. Ion beam analysis, material characterization, irradiation (fast neutrons, charged particles) and imaging techniques are carried out to conduct an interdisciplinary research programme in the following fields: biomedicine, environment, innovative fuel cycles, nuclear waste management, microelectronics, material sciences and cultural heritage.

The facility was commissioned in January 2006. Since one of the objectives of the project is the achievement of a nano-beam with lateral resolution less than 500 nm, it has been installed in a new building especially designed to avoid any perturbations from mechanical vibrations and thermal effects. The building has also been equipped with concrete radiation shielding for fast neutron experiments.

Five beam lines are available for dedicated applications:

  • Production of fast mono energetic neutrons (100 keV - 6.5 MeV) using (p, Li), (p, T), (D, D) and (D, T) nuclear reactions.
  • Focused micro- and nano-beams for chemical analysis, material characterization and imaging (PIXE, RBS, NRA, ERDA, STIM, ...) at submicron scale.
  • External beam for material characterisation in air (PIXE and RBS).
  • Targeted irradiation of individual cells using a micro-beam controlled in single event mode.
  • Targeted irradiation of micro-components using a sub-micron beam for microelectronics (Ion Beam Induced Charge, Single Event Upsets, ...)
  • Local modification of materials and processing of micro-structured materials.

It takes advantage of the outstanding performances of the accelerator in terms of beam brightness and energy stability. New research fields such as nanotechnology and nanobiology will be addressed using this instrument.

JPEG - 71.7 kb
AIFIRA accelerator
JPEG - 315.8 kb
AIFIRA experimental room

And the beam-line of the platform:

JPEG - 601 kb
Macro beam-line
JPEG - 64.9 kb
External beam-line
JPEG - 47.1 kb
Neutronique beam-line
JPEG - 58 kb
High resolution beam-line: nanobeam and cellular irradiation beam-line

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